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Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Aware


The Organization


AGHDaware is an organization which has been created in 2006 to:


  • Raise awareness in Australia of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD).

  • Develop a Brisbane based support group for people suffering from AGHD, and their carers.

  • Perform a needs analysis of patients suffering from AGHD.

  • Provide hope and support for Australian AGHD sufferers, by working towards providing the resources they need to move forward in an overwhelming climate of despair, where the treatment they need can be prescribed, but is often financially unavailable due to current lack of government subsidy.

  • Provide advocacy for AGHD patients to influence medical, scientific, political, commercial, academic, social and legal institutions to foster change required to enhance quality of life for the AGHD community.

  • Foster co-operative links with existing organizations which offer support for patients with brain tumours in general, and pituitary dysfunction in particular, to ensure specialist knowledge related to AGHD is widely disseminated and that resources created for AGHD adults can be widely accessed.

  • Provide a spotlight on moves towards application for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidisation of GH treatment for AGHD.

  • Create mechanisms by which completed research, which has potential to advance knowledge of the AGHD condition, is published and made available to the medical, political and commercial bodies which can use it optimally in the case for subsidisation of treatment for AGHD.

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Our thanks to Professor Mike Wallis & Dr Caryl Wallis of the Biochemistry Department, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG, UK ...... for the great graphic in the our headings..

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